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Our products

We created a valuable blend of five oils – all organic and with the right ratio of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, plus GLA – to promote oxygen transport in your body’s cells. The above oils are also involved in many other important functions in the body. Due to our depleted agricultural land, we have also created a powerful mineral mix so help supplement what we are lacking in our diet. 

Finally, we designed – based on a more than 100-year-old formula – a detoxifier to remove chemicals from the body.

Essential Oils

We use a sophisticated combination of 100% Organic primary (source) cold pressed seed oils in Omega 3-6-9 and GLA. This guarantees our customers the purest and most effective essential fatty acids available and provides your body with the fatty acids it cannot produce itself. This is important for the proper functioning of all body cells.

Vita Minerals

A scientifically and sophisticated combination of organically bound easily absorbable essential minerals. This provides your body with the mineral substances that it cannot produce itself. This is important for the proper functioning of all body cells.

Detox Herbs

An intensive and effective herbal cleansing, made from organic ingredients. This formula rids the body of toxins – such as preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and hormones – and thus supports the body’s natural defences.

What Do Our Customers Say?

“The tumor is no longer visible on the chest X-ray, which surprised the thoracic surgeon. He stated that he never or rarely experiences this! The tumor was 4.6 cm long. No metastases in my spine were found during an MRI examination.
I personally think that your supplements have contributed enormously to this recovery. The follow-up will be immunotherapy, after I have reduced my prednisone to a maximum of 5 mg/day”.

K.R. (full name is known to UltraPrevent)
(The lung tumor was determined by means of X-ray, pathological tissue diagnosis and CT imaging. In addition to supplements, the patient also received nutritional advice).

K.R. (full name is known to UltraPrevent)

This book is very insightful for those newly diagnosed with diabetes. I was fortunate to receive it as a gift.
I would recommend it to anyone battling health issues. The key for optimal health seems to involve how to deal with INFLAMMATION. My diabetes was mis-diagnosed for years as food allergies. My key symptom was inflammation and mucus formation after I would eat. I’ve noticed significant improvement after adjusting my diet from foods that produce inflammation. If you get that part under control in addition to diet and exercise you are on track. I had researched the issues with my health concern, and this is the first book that had most of the information in one place. This is the best gift I have received in years.

S. Allison

“I have been using the Ultra Prevent supplements for a few months and I feel a lot fitter. I have more energy during the day, and I don’t have the afternoon dip anymore. My concentration has improved and finally I also sleep better for the first time in years. I still have the same diet but now I want to look into that. I am happy I have discovered Ultra Prevent.”

M. De Wit Huischen

“In my quest to find information about diabetes I came across this website from Ultra Prevent. It suddenly hit me that not just any old information was being shared but it was information based on scientific research. I ordered the three products, and I am more than satisfied! I don’t have any weird symptoms anymore, my skin is a lot better, and I also feel a lot healthier.”

S.H. Jacobs

“After trying many nutritional supplements, I can finally say that I have found the ideal brand for my family and I. These products are completely natural and are made in such a way that you feel them working. I immediately felt that this my body was absorbing the product. What I really like: only three separate bottles contain everything we need. Useful!”

K. Franzen